Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Wellness Physician Blog

This is my first blog post.  I intend this blog to be a diary of my life journey as a chiropractic physician, wife, mother, business owner, public educator and former high-level figure skating athlete.
My son, Kamran, was born all naturally, without the use of drugs or surgical procedures.  My husband, Karl, also a chiropractor, and I both made the decision to raise Kamran as naturally as possible in this challenging world.  So many future blog posts will be about natural child-birth and natural treatment options we have used personally and professionally.

As a new business owner in the chiropractic field, my background has been as an employee for the past 11 years in the corporate world.  It taught me a lot, and also helped me realize what I did and did not want in my life and career.  My experience related to helping patients will serve me well.  My specialty focus is family chiropractic.  I have postgraduate training in pediatrics and pregnancy chiropractic care, and have treated thousands of pregnant females and their children.  I also have structural and function training through Chiropractic BioPhysics technique.

 A Wellness Physician Group, owned by me, and Freedom Wellness Centers, owned by my husband, will combine efforts to educate the public about the many benefits of living a healthy, chiropractic lifestyle.  Since this is my first business venture, you, the reader, will be able to witness my growth as a business owner.    

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